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OSRS Gold - The Best Sites of 2018

OSRS Gold Sites in 2018

Runescape has been around for a long time.  It launched all the way back in 2001.  That means by now, there are some sites that have really proven their worth as go-to places for RS Gold.  Old School Runescape launched in 2013.  Although it's much more recent than Runescape as a whole, that's still over 5 years ago, and the sites from that era mostly picked up OSRS Gold as a product as well.

In 2018, we expect much more from OSRS Gold sites.  10 years ago, you were lucky just to find a website that was legit.  Today, you have tons of options, and plenty of them will at least deliver your gold.  But some of them have actually devoted themselves to customer service and professionalism.  Those are the sites you want to be spending your money on, not some weird shop in China, where the agents don't speak fluent English.  Don't make the mistake of just buying anywhere, read this article and I'll explain to you how to buy from a real site located in North America.

OSRS Gold Veterans

The sites which have been around the longest have the most experience dealing with customers, and the most seasoned staff.  That's why R2Pleasent Gold is by far the best website to visit for buying Old School RS Gold and also Runescape 3 Gold.  R2P Gold was launched all the way back in 2007, by an in-game merchant with the ingame name R2pleasent.  Since that time, 11 years have passed, the game has changed drastically, but R2Pleasent Gold is still a reliable place to buy RS3 and OSRS Gold.

R2Pleasent was around for the dark days of Free Trade removal.  For some of you, those are before your time, but what happened was Jagex removed the ability to trade between players.  You had to have a "balanced trade offer" which meant both sides needed to have an equal amount of GP worth of items / gold, or you could not complete the trade.  The only way to transfer wealth was through a method called Bounty Hunter, which was a minigame similar to PKing, where your wealth was recoverable by the person that killed you.

Bounty Hunter was a risky place to trade.  You needed to meet with the buyer in the minigame and have them kill you.  But the hard part was that after the buyer looted your items, they needed to survive another 180 seconds in the arena.  Even with a full inventory of food, it was difficult because you could be attacked by up to 2-3 people at a time.  Sometimes you were just unlucky and could not get out before being PJ'ed.

The Future of Gold Trading

Thankfully in 2011 Jagex removed the balanced trade requirement and gold shops were able to sell unlimited amounts.  R2Pleasent Gold was there back in February 2011 when this happened, and carried through to 2013 when Old School Runescape launched.  In that time they grew their staff and maintained a 24/7 online support which allowed instant delivery any time of the day.  It's the reason customers still return to the site over 10 years later.  

Old School Players

If you're an old school player, you know that this game has a huge history.  It's very rare for games to stick around the way Runescape has done over the past decade plus, and it should not be overlooked.  Runescape is incredibly unique because the playerbase has remained loyal, despite huge changes in the industry.  RS players from 10 years ago can still log into their characters today and pick up where they left off.  Most games shut down after 5 years or 10 years, but Runescape carries on today in its multiple formats.

Old School really is the best of both worlds, because it allows the old players to play the game they miss so much, and for new players to discover the unique gameplay we all came to love back in 2007. 

2018 OSRS GP

Today, OSRS GP is worth less than it was at launch.  But it's actually maintained its value quite well.  Today a million on costs about $0.85 USD.  Compared to 5 years ago, it's come down about $2.50 per million.  But compared to other games, it still maintains its value well, and you can be confident that you'll be able to resell any gold you buy after you're done.  

Get Involved and Access End-Game Content

Stop wasting time making gold ingame doing boring tasks, and play the game the way YOU want.  Buying OSRS Gold saves you time, and time is money.  PK in your favourite gear, PVM high level dungeons, and ball out the way you should be when playing RS.  It's your time to shine baby.

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